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Ancient Codes for Loving Up our New Earth!

" An Immersion & Celebration Retreat."

We humans have forgotten how to Celebrate Life. We have forgotten so many wise ways of being that our ancestors knew and lived. Yet this information is still buried deep within our DNA.

We are living in dramatic times pushing us to “re-member” and profoundly awaken our spiritual selves. With the cracking of our economic and political systems, our dominant Western Society around the globe is going through an unprecedented turbulent phase as we are being nudged to shed the cultural conditioning of the past few thousand years. We are being called to claim our Original Role here as enlightened beings meant to live co-creatively with all the other sacred ones here on Earth.
What many don’t know is that during these times, other Spiritual Realms such as the Nature Spirits around the globe are re-energizing and returning to their prominent roles which had been diminished for far too long – while our modern human societies are being rocked to the core.
These are actually quite exciting times to be alive as humans as we are being called to remember how to come “Home” to Mother Gaia!
A beautiful New Earth is birthing forward in a multitude of ways – ushering in a Time of Crystalline Light and Joy that has never existed on the planet before. Many are calling this the “Ascension”.
What lies ahead for our Sacred Earth over the longer term is a planet of great joy, balance, harmony and abundance for All Beings. Within these transition times, it is critical that the human realms re-awaken to our role as ONE with all other Sacred Beings on Earth both seen and unseen.

ou are invited to join Gaia Communicator & Priestess Mare Cromwell and Nature Mystic & Wizard Cornelis Jan Cuperus (bios below), for a joyous, rich weekend retreat to learn about the overarching Ancient Codes that underlie the energetic blueprint for this New Earth – that are already in our DNA. Mother Gaia and the Nature Spirit realms are eager for more humans to ‘”re-member” these Codes to be empowered Mid-Wives of this emerging world.
These Ancient Codes for the full manifestation of our New Earth/Ascension have been held very closely by Mother Gaia and her foremost spiritual councils for thousands of years. In Mare Cromwell’s tight rapport with Mother Gaia and some of these councils, Mare has been gifted these Ancient Codes to share with the world at this time to help mid-wife the New Earth.
Nature Mystic and Wizard, Cornelis Jan Cuperus, has also received a set of Ancient Codes which greatly overlap with the ones that Mare has received. In addition, Cornelis was born with the gift of seeing and communicating with the Nature Spirit realms and is closely guided by them to share their wisdom and healing energies with the Human Realms – to help re-awaken us.

Painting by: Helena Nelson Reed

The purpose of this retreat is manifold. They include:
-Awakening more people to the potential to be in service to Mother Gaia’s Highest Good – (and not simply the human realms) by offering tools, wisdom, and spiritual activations so that more people are prepared to proactively Mid-Wife the New Earth/Full Ascension.
-Orienting us and reweaving the sacred interconnections to find our way back “Home” to Mother Gaia and the Nature Spirits.
-Opening our awareness as to what is for the Highest Good for the next 7 Generations and beyond of all beings, seen and unseen.
-Reawakening the ancient Knowing of Oneness that lies within all of our DNA, and our Higher Selves.
-Spiritually activate us to open up our gifts to commune with the Sacred Realms on Earth more effectively.
-To celebrate Sacred Silliness and have fun!
-To introduce Mother Gaia’s Ancient Codes of Wisdom into the broader sustainability movement.
-To tap into our personal inner sacred “Song” to harmonize with the other “Songs” of all beings here on Earth.

Painting by: Esako Eguchi

You will learn about:
-The meaning of the term “New Earth”?
-Mother Gaia and the New Earth Holy Trinity
-The highly complex universe of Nature Spirits and their integral role supporting all life on Earth.
How they work with Light Energy, help to heal humans’ emotional fields, and their role with the plant kingdom, plus more

  •         * The relationships between the nature spirit realms and Celtic & Nordic pantheon of deities.

-  Ways to be more sacredly connected with Mother Gaia via “Connecting with Creator/Great Mystery & Mother” & “Mother’s Love Cord Connection”.
-  “Gaia’s Oneness Grid” and your invited role to continue to keep it amplified to support the Ascension.
-  Trees!  Their Sacred Role on Earth as conduits of Light and more.
-  What Sacred Silliness is and why it is a very significant aspect of birthing the New Earth (truth!).
-  Humility, the Human Ego and serving Mother Gaia.


The entire retreat will be held within a deeply sacred container of Ceremony to support the healing of our human relations with Mother Gaia and her seen and unseen ones. Plus, we will do different types of ceremony both on the beach and on land to bring healing energies into Ameland and the surrounding waters of the North Sea there.

There will be experiential time outside opening our senses up more to the subtle energies on the island – coupled with contemplative time to integrate the wisdom and spiritual activations for everyone’s Highest Good.

The Nature Spirits will be teaching through Cornelis, as Mother Gaia will be sharing through Mare throughout the weekend – with direct downloads at certain points in time. Plus, more deities serving the Highest Good for Mother Gaia will most likely be communicating through us. There are sure to be some fun surprises as only Mother Gaia and the Nature Spirit Councils in charge of this event know the “exact” event content – which will be made known as the retreat starts.

This long weekend retreat will be filled with wisdom, play, spiritual activations, healing and more abundance, with an intricate lacing of Sacred Silliness to keep us “Light”.    ;~)    (Along with healthy food served by our retreat venue ~ Sier aan Zee. )

All who hear the call to participate in this retreat will be touched deeply by the Quantum Divine Love of Mother Gaia and other Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine beings who are close ‘partners’ to Mother in the birthing of this New Earth. Plus, they will experience the high spiritual frequencies and Love of the Nature Spirit realms who will be with us all weekend.

There will likely be spontaneous healings for some attendees and all will leave with a more profound sense of the Bigger Picture and their personal potential role during these adventurous times. The focus will be on supporting the Highest Good for today and into the next Seven Generations and beyond. Mare and Cornelis are most humbled to be asked to offer this event to others.

You will know if you are called to join us!

Painting by: Ellen Uytewaal.

More background on the Ancient Codes:
These initial set of codes are called: Mother’s Thirteen Love Directives plus Precepts. (This set was spiritually downloaded by Mare when she was writing “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” with Mother in the summer of 2012.)
Here are the first few:
1.     I, Earth Mother, gave the planet a song. Know that you are part of this song as one in the vast web of life, no greater, no less. All that you do affects the song, for better or for worse.

2.     Your thoughts, both positive and negative, affect the song as much as your actions.

3.     Everything has consciousness – the stones, plants, even mountains, rivers and oceans — all join in the song. Know that your thoughts and actions are registered in the song and affect the stones, plants, mountains and all, for better or for worse.

4.     Developing silence of the mind and from this place—deep gratitude is one of the most positive things you can do for Mother and all others in the song, especially those very sensitive and intelligent ones such as the whales and the dolphins…

The full list of Mother’s Thirteen Love Directives plus Precepts can be found HERE.

Since 2012, Mare has continued to download more Codes for the New Earth from Mother Gaia and her Spiritual Councils, in particular since the start of 2020.

Through re-connecting and remembering other parts of his multi-dimensional self, Cornelis Jan Cuperus has been able to receive and download the Codes that were waiting for him to 'unlock'. Now these Codes can be consciously applied and restored on the plane we experience as 'life' and help restore our connection with Mother, Source and help us in manifesting/creating a life in perfect alignment with this Sacredness on all fronts. 

Mother Gaia and the overarching Nature Spirit Councils are asking Mare and Cornelis to share these Codes through this experiential weekend of High Ceremony teachings.

Painting by: Asako Eguchi

Draft Schedule (subject to change)
Thurs, Oct 22, arrive by 4:30pm
            Dinner together – Opening ceremony
Fri, Oct 23
- On Mother Gaia and our New Earth Holy Trinity
- Ways to connect Spiritually with Mother Gaia
- Introduction to the Nature Spirits, their gifts and support of the Human Realms
- Introduction to Ancient Codes for a New Earth
​- Experiential Time outside
- Evening Ceremony/Party
Sat, Oct 24
- Fun and Games with the Nature Spirits
- Blessing of Ameland Island and local waters
- Going Deeper with the Nature Spirits and Celtic & Nordic Deities

-**1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid ceremony in the evening (linked with all the ceremonies around the world)

  • Based on the Tibetan Prophecy that when 1000 Goddesses or Tibetan Taras unite, the tone of the planet will shift from Fear to Compassion. Supported by the Divine Masculine.

Sun, Oct 25, 
- Weaving the New Earth in
- Commitment ceremony for all participants
- Closing of full weekend Ceremony

- End at 11:30am – to catch 2pm ferry from Ameland to the mainland

**About the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid 
The Purpose of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid is to Powerfully Awaken a Beautiful New Earth of Sacred Balance & Oneness that Serves the Highest Good for All Beings.

It is based upon a Tibetan prophecy that states that when 1000 Goddesses or Buddhist Taras gather, the Divine Feminine will rebirth through their combined energies, and the tone of the planet will shift from fear to compassion.

The intent within this Goddesses Global Grid is to also bring balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine back into our Sacred Earth so that we may manifest Divine Oneness, a significant aspect of the New Earth birthing at this time.
There will be more than 100 Sacred Circles leading ceremony on October 24, 2020, to support the full manifestation of this Prophecy. This will be the fourth year this has taken place. Mare is the Visionary and Co-WebWeaver of the Global Unified Field event – as requested by Mother Gaia.



Mare Cromwell 
is a humble servant to the Great Mother. She is an internationally-known Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Author and Healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. Called the “Voice of Earth Mother” by Rainbow Thunder Heart – a gifted Shoshone Elder, Mare’s work is to support the birthing of the New Earth emerging now. Her award-winning books include: “
The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America”.
Mare has studied with Native American elders for 25 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers, and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid. Mare is currently teaching "The Great Mother Love Way" year-long course and also leads workshops on Sacred Gardening, Womb Wisdom and more. Her healing practice is based in western Maryland (where she works in-person and long distance) and she is a former worm herder. Mare absolute loves Sacred Silliness too!

Cornelis Jan Cuperus
 is a Nature Spirit Mystic, Wizard, Healer, & Herbalist. He was born with the extraordinary gift of communicating and seeing Nature Spirits. From the moment he could walk, he has spent extensive time outside in wild areas and his gardens where these powerful beings have been his teachers. He has surrendered to serve them and their presence and wisdom are woven into his classes, healings and writing—in truth, his daily life. Cornelis has just recently put out a book about Cernunnos and is completing several others on Mannanán Mac Lir at the time of this writing.
Cornelis Jan leads his classes, workshops and other activities while living at and co-managing a wildlife rescue center in the far north of the Netherlands on the Frisian coast called de Fûgelpits. Caring for the injured animals there (many of whom are released), in the company of the resident elves, gnomes and more -- along with the human staff, deepens his tremendous love for Nature even more.  Learn more about Cornelis's events HERE.

Cornelis and Mare led a webinar in the winter of 2020 titled “Reconnecting with the Nature Spirits ~ To Co-Create Our New Earth”. This joy-filled and deeply informative five session webinar is available to purchase as a bundle HERE.

ABOUT Our Venue - Sier aan Zee
Sier aan Zee is a lovely hospitable accommodation in the dune area of ​​Hollum on Ameland Island. Their food is known to be rather nutritious and delicious. Ameland is one of the West Frisian Islands off the coast of Friesland, northern Netherlands. The island is approximately 23 square miles (58.83 km2) and is known for how few cars there are and a multitude of winding bikes and biking paths all over the low dunes. Cornelis lived on Ameland for several years and is intimate with the Nature Spirit community there. 

Image: Wikipedia

Accessing Ameland Island
The island is accessible by ferry from Holwerd on the mainland. Holwerd is a 25 minute drive from Leeuwarden and a 55 minute drive from Groningen. There are numerous public transportation options to arrive at the Ferry Terminal from nearby cities.